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Ohio Farm Raised Beef

We are proud and honored to provide you and your family with grass fed, grain finished, locally harvested beef – healthy, delicious and nutritious.

Southeast Ohio’s rolling hills are the perfect environment to raise beef cattle. Here, they can thrive on meadow grasses and roam freely through the pastures.

Clean Natural Farming

To feed our cattle, we raise our own hay, haylage, corn and corn silage. Manure is composted and used as fertilizer on our hay and corn fields. The sun powers our solar water pups (we pump clean ground water to the water tanks in our pastures). We have also installed a 8.6 kW solar electric system to supply electricity to our house and barns. We use as much renewable energy as possible from these systems.

Tender Ohio Beef

The tenderness and marbling of our beef is unsurpassed. To produce better beef, we work harder and we work smarter. One of the differences in our beef over the standard fare is the aging process.

  • Standard beef in the grocery is wet-aged – packaged shortly after it is chilled. It ages as it travels to the grocer and sits in the meat case. Which generally means it is not aged at all.
  • Our dry-aging process is a minimum of 21 days. It allows some of the moisture to escape, concentration the beef flavor. It also allows the beef to naturally tenderize. In days past, this was the standard way beef was handled. It produces higher-quality beef with a more robust taste.

Sustaining the Land, Feeding Your Present and Our Future

Ranching is a life of constant motion and constant concern for the cattle and land. It is a job that takes no holidays or weekends, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! We love this ranch and the work and life it gives us. As the fourth generation to work on this land, we see ourselves as stewards. Someday it will belong to our daughters.

When you eat RL Valley Ranch beef, you are supporting a multigenerational commitment to sustainable ranching and land stewardship.

Best Tasting Ohio Beef

We offer more flavorful beef wholes, halves and quarters

Beef Quarter

Beef Halves – Wholes

If you are local to our area, you can buy our packaged, dry aged beef at Seaman’s Grocery on West Union Street, just a few blocks from uptown Athens