Jamie & her Horse Chief – Zanesville, OH

I couldn’t be happier with Leah’s training program. I brought my two year old to RL Valley to be started under saddle. He is now an absolute joy to ride. He is respectful, loads great, and soft and supple. I have had him on many trail rides since and he is often mistaken for a more seasoned horse because he listens so well to my cues. Leah took the extra time to show me exactly what she was doing to achieve results. Even after I got him home she is always happy to answer any questions I may have and share ideas on continuing his training.

The facilities at RL Valley is safe and secure with nice roomy stalls and daily turnout areas. I was always welcome to visit at my convenience.
Good training has been by far the best investment I have ever made in my horse.



Ally & her Quarter Horse Rosie – Maryland

 Leah was the main trainer for my wonderful horse Play Red Rose. She is an awesome team penner and has helped me learn the sport. Anytime Rosie needs to be “tuned up” on cows we know who to call. Leah and Rob are always willing to help and offer great advice.

Congrats to Ally & Rosie for taking 1st place in the Novice Ranch Sorting! Good job ladies!


Terri & her Haflinger Blondie – Athens, OH

Leah- Thank you so much for training my horse and helping me to build up confidence to rider her!


Ms. Mary Ann Chase & her horses Apache & Mercy- Athens, OH

Apache, my 5 year old paint walking horse, had been through the colt training program at Hocking College. But, she was still very high strung and unpredictable and the faculty at Hocking highly recomended I contact Leah for further training.

Mercy, my 11 year old Percheron also went through the colt training program at Hocking. She needed more training to become a more dependable trail horse.

Ms. Leah began the training with extensive ground work and also taught me how to do the exercises. This was very rewarding and you could see both horses improve in each session. I really enjoyed being able to learn along with my horses.The excellent facilities provided comfortable stalls in a beautiful barn, outdoor paddocks, trails, round pen, and large arena for training.

Ms. Leah constantly emphasized safety, consistency, and precise training techniques – building gradually and patiently as the skills developed.I became far more knowledgeable and confident in handling and riding my horses. Riding my own well trained horse on the trails at the Phillips beautiful property gave me so much pleasure and confidence.

One day we had a visitor who knew Apache, She was totally amazed at the huge improvement in her. She is truly a far better and much more beloved horse now that she knows how to behave properly.

Because my training expereince was so rewarding for me and my horses, I am going to continue with lessons and training for both myself and my horses. Thank you Leah & Rob!

Ms. Mary Ann Chase


Christina & her BLM Mustang Montana – Logan, OH

 A little less than 2 years ago, I adopted two rescue horses. The mare was a severely malnourished BLM mustang (Montana) with a filly (Nevada) at her side. Neither the rescue nor I had any background on the mare. It didn’t take long to realize that the mustang had trust issues. It was important to me that I find a trainer that could both help me gain the mustangs trust, assess training needs, and continue her training forward. More importantly to me, was that I find a trainer that used natural horsemanship techniques. Mustangs have a strong natural fear of humans as predators, and I did not want to reinforce this idea by hiring someone that trained out of intimidation.

Leah’s both professional and friendly. One of the most down to earth individuals I have met. Leah trains using common sense, straight forward, gentle but firm techniques that work.
In addition, Leah is always open to finding time to guide you and your horse whether at her farm, making trips to your farm, or corresponding over the phone or emails. She truly understands that training the horse alone isn’t enough. It is important to get both the horse and the rider on the “same page.” Her passion for her work shows in the time and detail she takes with each of her customers. I would (and have) recommend her to any of my horse friends.
Montana’s behavior has changed dramatically. I finally feel like my horse and I have developed a mutual respect for one another …..a true partnership. Riding Montana has been a joy. I knew Montana was a diamond in the ruff when I first looked at all those bones and dirt…..and Leah has helped me polish up that diamond! We have come a long way, and I couldn’t have done it without Leah.
And now, Montana’s filly is a little over 2 years old and spending her first 30 days of training with Leah. I have seen improvements in Nevada’s behavior and ground manners in just one week at Leah’s farm. I look forward to working with Leah in the future with both of my horses.



Josh and his Quarter Horses Cajun and Sugar – Tennessee
I just ran across your website in my usual troll around looking for more horses. We sent you a couple of horses quite a few years back when you were still with Mark and Mary Lisa. I still own both of them and continually get compliments on how well broke they both are. When the old cowboys down there hear that a woman trained them they are stunned. Which coming from that bunch is a huge compliment. They are both down in texas now with my dad. Hope all is well, and I will keep you in the front of the pack when I need
more colts started right.


Jane & her fox hunter “Faberge” – Albany, OH

Leah!  My Parelli pal Donna hauled her paint horse Diva out to our farm 2 days in a row to go trail riding with me. Fab went around the farm trails beautifully.  He led some of the time and was relaxed and had fun and absolutely no resistance.

Today, We trotted and cantered in some of our favorite places to canter… It was a real joy to ride my trails on him, thanks to YOU!

A thousand thanks for a job so well done!



Christine from Athens, OH

I can’t say how highly I think of Leah’s training abilities for both horse and rider. I started taking basic Western lessons with Leah at 41 years old (20+ years after I last rode english on a regular basis). From the get-go she was inspiring and confidence building. Her lesson horses are incredibly well-trained and help the novice to gain strength and security in the saddle. She was also very available for every question I had about anything horse; from what saddle should I use to what type of horse purchase should I look into. I highly recommend any program, from leasing to lessons, that utilize Leah’s amazing communication capabilities with both horses and humans.


Sarah and her BLM Mustang “Zon” from WV

 I sent my mustang gelding, Zon, to Leah in July of 2011.  We had been through a couple of different trainers, and, through no fault of his own, he kept coming back unfinished and not ready for me to ride.  He’s a BIG boy, and was very reactive to just about everything.  He was very distrusting of people, especially if someone was over his head.  I could get him to do anything on the ground, but that trust of someone above him was not there.  I was nervous about sending him to a 4th trainer, however, when I drove the 1 ½ hours to meet Leah, the nervousness went away.  I was pretty important to me that I find a trainer that was willing to be patient with him, to have a soft but firm demeanor and to allow him to decide when it was time to take the next step, not force it on him.  To teach him, first and foremost, to trust people in every aspect, not just when he could see them.

From the beginning she was calm and patient with Zon. She explains each step, and is willing to explain what she’s doing with him, and will break down the why and how, which tells me she knows what she’s doing, and isn’t just doing this or that because that’s what some big trainer does.  She’s a pretty good people trainer, too!  Her facilities are very nice, I love the barn especially.  It’s cool in the summer with a nice breeze, even in those 90+ days.  The horses are all healthy and well cared for, fed VERY well, and she notices every little detail.  I would send another horse to her in a heartbeat.  She’s honest and down to earth, and I have felt very welcome each time I come for a visit.  She does her best to accommodate my schedule, and I really appreciate that.  From the very beginning she asked that I be involved in his training as much as possible.
After being at Leah’s for just 2 months, I got my first ride on him.  I had ridden him after he had been trained before, and he just felt like he was going to explode out from under me, ready to react big at a moments notice.  The first ride with Leah was like no other ride had been on him.  He was calm, responsive, worked off of my legs, and never tensed up.  That head stayed low the entire time, and he NEVER rode with his head down and relaxed before.  My second ride on him, I trotted, and that is the first time I had ever trotted on this horse.  Before he was reactive, strong, and just felt explosive.  I was even afraid to touch him with my heels because every time I did he tensed up for yet another explosion.  Now, I can turn him off of my leg, back him up calmly and collected, ask him to walk off and his head stays down and level.  It’s like I’m riding a different horse.  I can hardly wait to get him home and start playing with him!  Thank you to Leah, Rob, and even Filly and Amigo, who had a pretty big part in gaining this big boy’s trust.  I would recommend Leah to anyone, from a tune up to starting from scratch.  I’m so excited with Zon’s progress and am so happy that I will get a calm and responsive horse when she’s finished.



The Carlsons and their horses Filly and Rooster

We couldn’t be happier with our decision to purchase horses from Leah and Rob. We didn’t see a horse we didn’t like in their barn and appreciated the way they worked with us to understand what was important to us and match us with some great horses. We had a 3 year hiatus from horses as a result of moves, job changes, and the birth of our now three year old daughter Bella. We were chomping at the bit to get our barn built and live a life with horses again but had to find horses that fit our situation. For us, we wanted what it seems everyone wants but is not so easily found. Horses that are dead broke and will take care of you and your kids but also perform when called upon. This is what we got with Rooster and Filly and the product Leah and Rob offer. They buy and develop great all around horses providing well rounded, safe, and atheltic horses for purchase that have the potential for about anything. They do it on a scale that made us feel comfortable and dealing with them was a pleasure every step of the way. Added benefit for us was an instant connection that quickly became “buying from friends with support from friends”. The only problem we had in the process was we liked every horse thay had. If we buy any more horses we will buy them from Leah and Rob!!