Smokie Blue Gin – “Sky”


“Sky” is a beautiful OWN DAUGHTER of the great Blue Duck Okie!!  Blue Duck Okie has NCHA LTE $128,500+  and is a producer of earners of over 1million!  On top of that, Sky has an impressive dam side of her pedigree, having Peponita Blue Shadow and Tangery Gin on her papers!!  This mare has had some beautiful foals, we are retaining her 2017 filly for a future broodmare!!  Genetically Sky is a smokey black  – meaning she is a black that carries the cream gene!  We can’t wait to see what colors we get!!  On top of color and pedigree, Sky has great confirmation, and an unbeatable temperamant.

Sky’s Past foals:

2017 Homozygous Black Rabicano Filly by Nightime Shiner –  “Adelle”

2018 – In foal to Nightime Shiner for a gauranteed black or smokey black foal!  (50% chance of homozygous black!)


          Miss N Cash
      Miss N Okie    
          Okie K Cutie
  Blue Duck Okie        
                Smart Little Lena
  Smart Fancy Lena    


    Docs Fancy Peppy
      MR Salty Peponita
  Peponita Blue Shadow    
        Docs Poco Rita
  Ginn In Dixie        
          Tanquery Gin
      RH Tip Of Gin    
          Pay The Tip