Lessons & Coaching


Do you want to learn more about natural horsemanship? Do you want to learn to develop “feel” when riding your horse? Do you want to get started in cow working events like cutting, reined cow horse, team penning or ranch sorting?  Or maybe you are looking to step up your game and want some pointers?  Let RL Valley Ranch share our passion of horses and riding in our lessons!

True Natural Horsemanship Through Feel

True natural horsemanship is a journey, and we believe that often times becoming a better horseman or woman means becoming a better person. A lot of times when working with horses, you are really working on yourself, your ability to be present in the moment, with a clear and open mind. Horses can give confidence that will transfer to all aspects of life.

To ride in harmony is to ride with the movement of the horse. To do this we need an independent seat, clear leg and rein aids as well as control over our energy. When we can ride with the horse, we can clearly communicate with our horse and help him be light and athletic.

As riders advance with more knowledge and ability, we challenge with fun activities such as trail rides, games, patterns, working cattle and much more. Variety makes riding fun for both horse and rider.

Natural Horsemanship is an exciting and rewarding journey, come join the fun!

Lesson Rates:

$30/hour your horse at our facility

$40/hour your horse at your facility (additional fees for traveling)

$35/hour our horse at our facility

Riders must be over 12 years of age.