Blundersugar Olenab – “Domino”


2004 Black AQHA Gelding For Sale – 16 hand gentle giant.  Domino is a real ranch horse.  He has been there, done that, roped that.  Super awesome horse to have around on the ranch.  He can doctor cattle, drag calves to the fire, sort cattle, pony colts, or just enjoy down the trail.  He is great out alone or with a group.  When we need to get a job done, we go grab Domino.  Nothing rattles this guy.  He has a nice ground eating walk, neck reins, moves off leg.  Opens and closes gaits, stands tied all day, good for farrier, leads and loads with ease.  Goes anywhere you point him.  Very friendly and easy to catch.  Very cowy and is athletic.  Just a super quiet nice horse.

          Doc O'Lena
      Catalna Boy    
          Kate's Sugar
  Cat King Cole        
                Royal Tony Jazz
  Royal Bar Tindy    


    Bartend Jewel
      Poco Blunder
  Hallies Lil Blunder    
        Rancher Hallie
  Ranchers Lil Sugar        
          Flying Rogue
      Miss Flying Nodak    
          Sheza Nodak Doc